Date: 20 BBY

Place: Carlac

Outcome: Nite Owl Base successfully defended

Sides: Nite Owls/Republic and Death Watch

Nite Owls/Republic Forces: 1 Jedi, 652nd Legion, Nite Owls

Death Watch Forces: Darth Maul, Death Watch Soldiers, Savage Opress (possibly)

Nite Owls/Republic Casualties: Bo-Katan, several Nite Owls, and several Clones injured, some Nite Owls and Clones dead

Death Watch Casualties: Many Death Watch soldiers dead


At the Nite Owl Base on Carlac in 20 BBY, the Death Watch attacked. A large battle happened. The Nite Owls and Republic held off the Death Watch, though there were many casualties.