The Republic Saber is a Republic Starfighter that was created in 44 ABY. It is the main starfighter of the New Republic Jet Squadron, led by Kahar Zamet.

Republic Saber PROTOv1Edit

The PROTOv1 was the first prototype of the Republic Saber. It contained blaster turrets, missiles, and a deflector shield.

The Republic SaberEdit

The PROTOv1 was a success, and was confirmed by Kahar Zamet to be made into the final version of the ship. About a month later, the final version was made. It was about the same as the PROTOv1, except it contained more blaster turrets that could fire faster and fire more before overheating, missiles that could track a target, a heavier deflector shield, bombs, and a system that when a button was pressed would allow the pilot to target an enemy starfighter or starship, and then the Saber would automatically follow the ship until the pilot cancelled the tracking system order or the ship left the sector.

The New Republic Jet SquadronEdit

The New Republic Jet Squadron was formed in 44 ABY by Jedi Master Kahar Zamet, and it is currently led by him.

The squadron is a squadron that in most missions will fly off an attack cruiser using jetpacks once it enters the atmosphere. The squadron then would fly together downward in a "V" or "I" formation until they reached the targeted destination.

Sometimes, though, while flying in mid-air, they would land in droid-controlled Sabers and continue flying to the destination in a Saber.